since 1892since 1892

About Shinkyu-ji Temple

About Shinkyu-ji Temple

Shinkyu-ji is a temple of the Chisan sect in Shingon Buddhism. Our temple is located about 600 meter away from the Asahikawa station towards northwest. We enshrine various types of important Buddhist deities, such as Fudō Myō-Oh as our main deity, Nyoirin-kannon in Rokkaku-do (hexagonal hall), and Japan’s first three-dimensionalised maëòala of the two realms (diamond and womb).

The history of Shinkyu-ji has begun back in 1892, Kushi Takudo, the 72nd head priest of Jiho-in temple in Fukui city was appointed by the head temple of the Chisan sect as a missionary of the Shingon Buddhism in Hokkaido. Approving that mission, in the same year, he departed for Hokkaido where its pioneering had started only few years ago. Then he built a branch of Negoro-ji temple in Asahikawa village of Kamikawa county (former name of Asahikawa city). In 1907, the name of temple was changed as “Narita-san Shinkyu-ji”, and Shinkyu-ji has been devotedly contributing as the hub for the Buddhist mission in Hokkaido since then.

Opening Hours Open everyday 9:00am~4:00pm
Admission Fee Free
Experience At our temple, you can experience Japanese calligraphy to copy Buddhism scripture or Buddhism gods pictures. 〔Experience Fee : ¥1,000 Opening Hours:9:00am-3:30pm〕

Monthly Buddhist service

  • Monthly Buddhist service
  • Monthly Buddhist service

1.The 8th of Jan.Mar.May.Jul.Sep.Nov. 1:00pm-2:00pm

Daikoku-Ten Festival
Priests pray of Daikokuten at the main hall.

2.The 18th of every month 1:00pm-2:00pm

Kannon “Goma” festival
Priests pray to Kannon at the Rokkakudo hall.

3.The 28th of every month 1:00pm-2:00pm

Fudō Myō-oh “Goma” festival
Priests pray to Fudo-Myo-Oh at the main hall.
※“Goma”(“Homa” in Sanskrit) Ritual
Priest burn the small pieces of wooden boards written wishes on then and pray for their fulfillments. 〔each board ¥300〕

Access Information

325 4-choume 5-jyo Asahikawa-city Hokkaido,070-0035,JAPAN
Tel 0166-22-2241 Fax 0166-25-9211

By Car

  • 15 minutes from the Asahikawa-Takasu IC of Dō-Ō Expressway.
  • Look for our address “4-325, 5-jo Street, Asahikawa city, Hokkaido” or phone number “0166-22-2241” in your car navigation system for detailed route guide.

By Bus

From the Asahikawa Station
Catch bus number 3, 13, 23 or 24 from the “1-jo 8-chome” bus stop (5 minutes walk from the station), then get off at the “4-jo 4-chome” bus stop. Our temple is 2 minutes walk from the bus stop.
From the Asahikawa Airport
Catch a bus to Downtown Asahikawa, then get off at the “5-jo showa dori” bus stop. Our temple is 5 minutes walk from the bus stop.

About Goshuin (Shuin)

  • About Goshuin
  • About Goshuin
  • About Goshuin

In Japan, it is popular amongst worshippers and visitors to get a Goshuin, or red stamp in Buddhist temples and Shinto Shrines for a proof of their visit. In our temple, we offer three types of Goshuin: Fudō Myō-Oh, Syaka-Nyorai and Amida-Nyorai, but please allow us to ask for donation of 300 yen for each Goshuin. Goshuin would be a perfect token of your journey so we offer these to any visitors

Buddhist Deities in Shinkyu-ji temple